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      Stroke font technics allow multiple weight. 

    The controversial destiny of the Comic Sans reached a non-return point when I discovered that this system default font has become the default font for important social life aspects. The long dissemination of a font done under emergency is tangible in the way it has infected every visual aspects of my daughters school, the oncology service of Saint Pierre Hospital in Brussels, or the Belgian army nuclear decontamination unit. 

    Idea is simple: straighten the "funny" parts of the lettering by align - keeping the kerning similar (the Arial scourge) for easy transition. Note that Comic Sans is a stroke font, which allows a wide range of form generations. Project is to create a multiple set with variations.

    The Not Comic sans is a sequel of the OSP Not Courier Sans project, and is part of a research on reading and recognising letters in elementary schools in Belgium.

    Project is on going, soon to be released.


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